Other Activities

With the Periyar River Lodge situated in the midst of Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, bird watching is naturally one of the main focus of activities at the lodge. A trip through this sanctuary would certainly be a treat for any bird watcher with its over 270 species in the relatively small area of 25 sq kms.

The sanctuary, home most notably to the Malabar gray hornbill, does have other exotic birds like the Ceylon frogmouth, Malabar trogon, White-bellied treepie and Heart-spotted woodpecker.One should see the rare Mottled Wood Owl, Spot-bellied Eagle Owl, Malayan Night Heron, Sri Lanka Frogmouth, Rusty-tailed Flycatcher, Grey-headed Bulbul and the Nilgiri Wood Pigeon.




Bicycle Tours

(Rs 350 per person)

Half-day bicycle tour, accompanied by our guide, to the nearby plantations (rubber, cocoa, pepper, etc.) to get an insight into the farming methods. If anyone is remotely interested in agriculture, this should be a real treat.

Evening Campfire

(Rs 250 per campfire)

A campfire, along with dinner outdoors, can be arranged upon request.


Fishing with line rods on country boats or on the banks of the Periyar adjoining the Lodge.


A tranquil swim in the Periyar just in front of the Lodge. With the river shallow in some parts (only about 4-5 feet deep) and the sandy riverbed, the river here is a great place to have a swim, especially since the Periyar river in these parts is still untainted and unpolluted before it flows to the towns and cities much further downstream.


Catch up on some interesting reading... we do have an in-house library that has a limited collection of literature on bird-watching and interesting aspects of Kerala.

Or may be just sit around on the verandah of the Lodge and watch the interesting activities... like the village folk on their daily chores, passing on the Periyar in front of the Lodge.