Boating & Rafting

A trained guide will accompany guests on all boating and rafting activities.It is compulsory to wear life-jackets provided by the lodge during all rafting and canoeing activities.



Bamboo Rafting

Take a ride on the bamboo rafts, specially constructed to provide comfort and balance to our guests who may be novices in rafting.A highly recommended fun activity.

Countryboat Ride

Take a ride in a country boat on the Periyar. The country boat is used largely by village inhabitants for commuting in the waterways and their fishing expeditions.


A real fun activity wherein you paddle your sturdy kayaks along the river with great views of the forests on either banks. Staff would accompany you in separate country boat for any assistance you may require.

Activity Rate per hour (Rs.) Additional Info.
Bamboo rafting 1000 Max. of 2 persons per raft
Countryboat Ride 1000 Max. of 6 persons per boat
Kayaking 1000 Max. of 2 persons per canoe