Guest Speak

Tomorrow we will leave the Periyar River Lodge and our stay here has been too short. We've enjoyed the peaceful & relaxing setting and made the most of opportunities to view the amazing local bird life. The Lodge itself is a heaven. We loved the layout and the bathroom was a particular hit! What makes this place really special is the superb service. We have been treated very well and every need or desire has been met. The food was outstanding and it has been a pleasure to sample a vast array of local specialities. Every single dish was delicious! Thank you for making our stay here perfect. We sincerely hope that the remainder of our stay in India will maintain this high standard that you have set. Paul & Louise Chamberlain, Damascus, Syria

The perfect place for a getaway, spending the evening sitting on the swing bench listening to the many noises from the insects and frogs - tranquil does not do it justice. We are on honeymoon and this has been the most romantic stop so far! Our hosts have been superb - not intrusive but happy to help in any way possible and very informative about the local area and kerala in general. Also the food is amazing, simple but extremely tasty dishes for lunch, breakfast and dinner with snacks available - I particularly recommend the fish dishes. The Bird Sanctuary is excellent. Also ask to see the oldest tree in the forest, it is a spectacular sight. All in all a fantastic retreat, perfect for relaxation and we are leaving with our batteries fully recharged - Perfect!!! Duncan & Nicola Shaw, U.K.

This is one of the most beautiful places I have stayed. The wonderful kerala-style architecture is often hard to find in this age of concrete and glass monstrosities. Such a boutique hotel fits in beautifully with the atmosphere of kerala - peace, tranquility and natural surroundings. Praise also goes to the wonderful staff. Attentive, accomodative and always on time. Anything you need they will happily do and Varghese has many interesting stories to tell about life in India. In short, they are absolutely ideal. P.S. Compliments to the chef! The food was wonderful. Iain & Tejas Ewing, Not disclosed

We are sitting on the verandah on stools, listening to the racket of birds and crickets out in the darkness. The river in front of us is swelling and heaving with the monsoon rains, which continues to drip on the steps. I've loved this position - watching the day rain itself into sodden masses, seeing the men with umbrellas pass by on the banks below. The rain has, somehow, made it all the more peaceful and beautiful. It added drama too, to the jeep safari to the waterfalls, as the roads flooded and villagers waded through with umbrellas and slippers. The best part for me was the shopping in the village - shampoo, umbrellas and slippers - so that we too could wade our way back home. We are truly grateful to you for your hospitality and generosity. Needless to say, we'll be working closely with you at Insider Tours to ensure that others get to see everything we have. Particular thanks to Mr. Vargese who has been a warm, friendly, helpful and intelligent host. Best wishes. Hamet Family (Kumar, Daisy & Molly), Insider Tours

What a wonderful time we had here at the Periyar River Lodge. The setting is just perfect next to the monsoon's swollen river. The hospitality has been flawless, with our every need served. In particular, the dishes of local Keralean cooking have been greatly appreciated. We will return to the UK with fond memories and new recipes to practice! Day trips to the local nature reserves and the surrounding country-side for birdwatching have been exceptional. We will endeavour to return one day, and most definitely recommend the lodge to friends and family. Many thanks! Jennie & Doug Palmer, U.K.

Its like we had a dream and ......this dream came true. We are so deeply touched in our heart and soul... this is just like paradise. Its the wonderfullest place in the world we could just imagine. We hope we can take and keep these feeelings and emotions in our hearts for ever. A big compliment to Jose and his staff, they are so friendly and patient. The architecture and decorating of this house is so nicely done by heart. Please try to keep these.. just like it is!! Manuela & Erich Boetch, Switzerland

From crossing the river on the ferry, I knew this was going to be yet another amazing facet to my travels around Kerala. I'm travelling alone, and to find this amazing lodge - Just for Me - was very special. The canoe trip up the river just re-inforced the serene beauty that surrounded me. Sitting on the swing watching the cows cross the river, as the moon rose, well..... ! My jeep trip up the old road just went from super-amazing to superb-amazing and crossing the river barefoot and avoiding elephant poo, how many can say that they have done that! Its hard, apart from the beautiful and tasty food, to believe that I am still in India - are you certain that the ferry didn't transport me to paradise? This is a wonderful example of eco tourism at its best. Thank you to you all at the Periyar River Lodge - you have created a little bit of heaven in God's own Country. Judy Milnes, Halifax, England

We cannot believe that we are in one of the most populated countries in the world; the peace and quite and the sound of birds and insects are all what break the glorious silence. We have seen beautiful birds(many of them lovely Kingfishers), sampled very tasty, wholesome Keralan food, caught up with lots of book-reading, visited a lovely waterfall, ridden on country boat, and been waited on with great patience by Jose and Regi and Mini. Thank you for a lovely experience. Pauline & Alan Courtney, Hong Kong

The Periyar River Lodge provided us with a serene place to unwind and discover a more intimate side of India. We had both insightful conversations and lots of laughs with Regi and Jose, who so generously shared their thoughts, experience and guidance. We loved the waterfalls, the riverboat rides, the birdwatching , the friendly neighbours and the comfortable architecture. In fact, our children were really inspired by the construction of this home and are ready to go home and break gound! The food was delightful and Mini was kind enough to share the secret recipes, which we will go home and recreate with glee. We can see the care that has been put into all of this - the landscaping which will mature into a graceful Eden with a few good rainy seasons, the bathrooms which we do not want to leave behind. Only one thing missiing - a good light to read by (100 watts). Otherwise, nirvana!! Weaner family, Montrose, USA

Its been so relaxing, right from when we first arrived. The first evening boat ride with Roy, Jose and Regi was lovely - so many parakeets abd kingfishers. Seeing the Pied Kingfisher was a treat! Birdwatchig with Regi and Jose in the garden was also a real treat. We are leaving for home tomorrow, so I am delighted that I got up ealry this morning to go birding with Gireesh in the sanctuary - the 6.30 am start was definitely worth it. And the most exciting was seeing the Ceylon Frogmouth - not one but two - male and female sitting together. Gireesh was delighted and so was I !! So, thank you everyone at the Periyar River Lodge - it was a wonderful experience!! Zoe Macalpine, London

Its dusk on Saturday evening, its humid and thundering outside. We've been here for just 2 and half days. We leave tomorrow and our hearts are heavy to leave such a beautiful place!! First, Jose, Reji and Minni, not to mention Peter the guy with the jeep, have been incredible. We feel we have been treated like Royalty - excellent food, extrremely thoughful service - not a glass empty or a detail forgoteen - informative commentary and genuine interest in our comfort. The acitivities and logistics planning were wonderful - so varied and so interesting - from vieweing a beautiful waterfall to seeing ancient temples. Second, the lodge is wonderful. The scenary is breathtaking and the design and architecture is unique and artistic. The scene we are looking at - misty moutains with meandering river - is like a landscape from a dream. Finally, the area is amazing. The people here are wonderful - so kind and gentle. We have been here for 54 hours so far, but this place has carved itself in our memory for a lifetime. We've visited 23 countries and this experience compares to none!! Gareth Davis & Breda Duignon, New York

We had a beautiful time here, greatly enjoying the lovely house - so carefully furnished and decorated - and the amazing nature. We feel we learned a lot about the country just by visiting the farmers next door, watching the village life going on around and by enjoying the fresh and tasty food. To me, this is what a true holiday in India should be like. Susan Bidal, Britain

The Periyar River Lodge is really a sensational retreat away from everything. ...We loved every minute of our stay, mingling with nature everyday. It is in all sense, beautiful...The food is mouth-watering delicious, and Jose and Reji are both very nice, above all helpful. When I first arrived here, the first sight of the place was breathtaking and the lodge beautifully made, especially the shower (this I like!). We hope to come back next year, and will recommend also, this nice corner I can call "Paradise in India" to our friends. Thanking you for everything and especially your warm hospitality. Heiene Amblavaney & Jan Hugelmann, Mahe, Seychelles

The Lodge is in a word-perfect! The place is breath-takingly beautiful and the atmosphere, very home like. The view from the lodge is spectacular, especially from the swing. Jose and Regi are every thoughtful, helpful and very nice. We enjoyed every minute of our stay and will definitely come back as also send family and friends. PSS: Your food is really good.The trips to the jungle and my fall from the raft will be the highlights of our holiday. Also Roy and his hindi songs... So lovely. Keep up the good work Chirag and Ankita, -

What a beautiful, peaceful place! everything is comfortable, yet uncomplicated and the food is excellent. I am sitting on the Verandah writing this at night and all I can hear are crickets, frogs and lizards , who could ask for more? Jose and his staff are kind and accommodating and I will definitely recommend this place to people I know, especially birdwatchers. The shower beneath the blue sky is a real novelty – I love it The elephants that we saw on the road to the dam were a real thrill especially the 2 babies. Sue Finnis, North Bay, Canada